We proudly present Neodome partnering with Tesla

This independant energy solution we have all been waiting for.

Off grid has never been a real thing before. only a millionaires dream.

The Meacock family moved to Dominican Republic some 10 years ago.  They created Jurassic Park Retreat.  During those first years electricity was provided in all mannor of ways due to there being no electrical systems behind the town of Las Terrenas.  

Being natural problem solvers the Meacocks started the long journey of understanding just why all the existing systems of generators, batteries and  solar panels just didn’t seem to do the job.  

Presto just a couple of years ago the light bulb lite up and Neodome was born.

 It enabled the Meacocks to create,  ‘Jurassic Park Comminities’, by solving the problems of the age old off grid reality, that it was never really a real thing before, just a very expensive, uncomfortable and unsustainable dream.  

We just couldn’t believe that no-one had though of this solution before.


So how does it all work?

Inspired by the Jurassic Park movies we made a short movie in the style of, ‘now for the science part’, from the first Jurassic Park movie.  In order to describe in its simplest form, just how Neodome works.  That movie is being upgraded and in the mean time the Tesla’s part of the system is described quite well in this short insert from Tesla.  Add to this Smart production and Smart consumption modules and you have a truely incredible off grid system.

Smart Production

Standard solar systems produce 80% of their power in a 2 hour window during every 24 hour period.   Too bad if its cloudy or raining during this time.   With smart production we boast full power for 12 hours every 24 hours regardless of rain. or cloud cover.

Smart Consumption

Forget to turn off the lights?  Left the fan on all night?  Fridge consuming more than it should?  A wire is touching earth somewhere and your meter is spinning up an insane bill.  With smart Consumption automatically monitoring and responding all is taken care of for you.

Smart Storage

Tired of expensive batteries that don’t perform.  Never having enough power. Expensive replacements that just don’t quite do the job.  Smart storage monitors all aspects of your batteries and responds to protect them at all costs.  They are the heart of your system after all..

Internet speed



current consumption

Core principles

Built supporting local communities

Works with all known existing systems

Built using sustainable resources

Hurricane, earthquake, lightning, EMP protection.

Temperature controlled and dust free utility dome

Unique upgradable modular design

Want a new life

Many of our guests fall in love with our way of life.  Many wish to leave the rat race and choose a life of wonders, freedom and happiness.  We have devised ways to help you to achieve this goal.



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