A Brand New Product

The Tesla Powerwall allows you to do something that was only for millionaires and geeks.  Power independance.

Gorgeous Design





On a typical day, Powerwall and solar will meet all of your home’s energy needs.


Up to 10 units connected

Tesla recommends 1 Powerwall

Based on your estimated energy usage: 24 kWh/day

Fully Responsive

7+ days

Continuous power during an outage

When the grid goes down, solar energy will continue to power your home and charge your Powerwall.

Seamless backup power. With or without solar.

Powerwall detects grid outages and automatically becomes your home’s main energy source. Protect your home from the next power outage and keep your lights on, phones charged, and no puddles under the fridge.

Technical Specs

44″ / 1150mm29″ / 755mm5.5″ / 155mm
  • Usable Capacity13.5 kWh
  • Depth of Discharge100%
  • Efficiency90% round-trip
  • Power7kW peak / 5kW continuous
  • Supported ApplicationsSolar self-consumptionBack-up powerTime-of-use load shifting (coming soon)Off-grid capabilities (coming soon)
  • Warranty10 years
  • ScalableUp to 10 Powerwalls
  • Operating Temperature-4°F to 122°F / -20°C to 50°C
  • DimensionsL x W x D: 44″ x 29″ x 5.5″(1150mm x 755mm x 155mm)
  • Weight276 lbs / 125 kg
  • InstallationFloor or wall mountedIndoor or outdoor
  • CertificationNorth American and InternationalStandardsGrid code compliant

Questions about ordering a Powerwall? Find your answers here.


Child and pet friendly with no exposed wires or hot vents.


Floor or Wall Mounted

Installs easily on the wall, or stack up to ten Powerwalls together on the floor


Water-resistant and dustproof for indoor or outdoor installation.

Self-Powered home. Just add Powerwall.

Powerwall integrates with solar to store excess energy generated during the day and makes it available when you need it, minimizing reliance on your utility.

Control Your Energy from Anywhere

Seamlessly monitor and automatically manage your Powerwall, solar panels, Model S or X anytime, anywhere with the Tesla App.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Tesla Powerwall intergrate with Neodome?

Yes, the Tesla Powerwall is the replacement of our original Power Piller.  It overcomes 60% of the issues that we solved with our original system in a more efficient way..  The Neodome Smart Storage module overcomes the remaining shortcommings of Power Storage in conjunction with Powerwall.

Do I require a electrical grid connection for Tesla Powerwall?

Powerwall can be connected to the electrical grid as  an option if you choose not to use solar panels or have few panels and need to top up your system with the grid, however it is an option not a requirement.  Powerwall automates all elements so no action needed if you choose to connect to the electrical grid.

Can I upgrade after signing up?
Yes, you can upgrade at any time after signing up. When you log in as a “personal” subscriber, you will see a notice regarding your current package and instructions on how to upgrade.
Do I need an internet connection for Tesla Powerwall?

In order to view your system online you would need an internet connection.  Also the Tesla Powerwall is constantly monitored and upgraded online much like Tesla’s cars or your smart phone.  Much as the Powerwall will work without an internet connection it is advised that you do have one.

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